Sunday, December 19, 2010

weekend over

I haven't posted pretty much because I've had strep throat and couldn't stay awake long enough to make a post!
Now I am feeling much better and only have some what of a cold-ish thing I shall post :)
I am ALMOST done Christmas shopping and I love love love wrapping presents so I'm having fun :) What shall Christmas have in store, well I get to see my sister who I never get to see so YAY and then I get to be with my mother -.-'.
Tomorrow I am finishing up my Christmas shopping with my boyfriend whom I'm going to have to shoo away at some point to get his gift!
I'm so glad its holidays but I still have holiday school work-ew but I won't think about that right now.
So I'm hovering at 119 right now since I have ended my fast and my liquid only diet due to strep throat :P
I want to lose more more more by Christmas and New Years.
I actually need to get in some better exersise though, winter is such a drag for out door running/ jogging.
Two pictures today! One is of a gift I wrapped and one if of a lovely picture i just like :)

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