Monday, December 6, 2010

snow day!

Today I woke up and started getting ready till I looked out the widow SNOW and alot of it :)
snow days are the best but the city is basically on shut down :P
I spent the day with my boyfriend - need to say that he lives across the city and took me 1-2hrs to get there :P
there is already 30cms on the ground with 15-30 more to come.
needless to say there will probably be another snow day tomorrow which I will spend at home playing guitar hero and on the computer
I walked through the snow for so long I've burned so many calories today!
Weighed myself at 123 today ! its an improvement
I'm moving on down
I'm going to make low fat hot coco
welcome to the great white north :)

1 comment:

  1. im so jealous that you get snow where you live! i miss it so much! im glad you enjoyed yourself. (: