Friday, December 3, 2010

Weekend blues.

I just weighed myself and the least I can say is it has ruined my weekend. I am at 125 and feel nasty. I was to drop 10 pounds my december the 19th or by christmas now how am I going to do that, I'll need to think.
My weekend is going to consist of me doing homework and studying.
I'm going to my dad's for the weekend so I won't be able to post but I'll see if anyone commented because I can check my e-mail
Hopefully I'll have my laptop back soon!
I'm gonig to see the new movie Black Swan this Sunday! can't wait I love any movies that have to do with dance plus it has Knesia Solo in it and shes my fav actress.
So yes must loose ten pounds!
Love you all. Perhaps I can report a weight loss by Sunday? keep you posted!
from my picture - I want a tattoo when I'm thin enough for one :-]


  1. Don't be so down, I have that exact weightloss [and weight!!] too! I have a party by December 18th and I soo badly wanted to be around [more like under 115] by then.

    For me, if I fast with green tea and water, I'll lose 2 lbs a day [even if I don't go to the gym]. And if I restrict myself to staying 500 or under, I'll lose 1 lb a day. So you could switch off between fasting and restricting and still make it.

    Do you think it could work for you too? I could always use a buddy because I've been feeling just as down as you :)

  2. Hey, my email is Contact me anytime :)

  3. omgsh i have to lose 10 pounds by dec 17th we should do it together :)
    all the best of luck to you!