Monday, December 13, 2010

Day one of fast completed!

I made it through day one of my fast (with gum) !  I feel great!
Today  I woke up with a pain in my foot so bad I couldn't walk so I stayed home from school and slept!
I need to catch up on my homework but it'll be fine I hope.
It's only 8:40 but I think I will go to bed.
Here's hoping day two will be just as successful!!
I weighed in at 120 today!!! I can't believe I haven't seen that in a while but seriously I was 123 yesterday did 3 pounds just disapear? YAY
Love you beauties! <3
Pic: Kat Von D is seriously my idol shes a powerful women and a strong one! Her body is amazing and every tattoo is a part of her, I want one day to get tattooed by her! and I'm getting her tattoo chronicles for Christmas :)