Thursday, December 9, 2010

my weight on repeat

back up to 126 but seriously i weighed with my clothes on. I've even 3 pieces of pizza today - gross. Tomorrow nothing but I am going out with my boyfriend who is always on me about eating. I am teaching him how to ice skate because I think ice skating in the park with all the trees lit up will be terribly romantic! Today I actually made a dent in my Christmas shopping! Still need to get my dad his slap chop, my mom whatever. My boyfriend jeeeze he is HARD to shop for X_x. Any way I think I got a good work out at the mall and treated my self to a new top extra flowy to hide my fat. And some new mittens because it is getting cold. School is back on because our town can operate again so all the teachers are freaking out about missing three days of school so they seem to have given it in homework. Now I must go try and make a dent in it!
I really want to drop ten pounds so i can get my tattoo!!
Night beautifuls!

1 comment:

  1. with all that extra weight, i doubt youre actually 126! im glad you treated yourself to a new top. (:
    good luck catching up in school.
    and that does sound quite romantic. (:

    stay lovely. <3