Saturday, December 11, 2010

122 moving on down

I weighed in this morning at 122lbs~ I'm moving on down. 7pounds to my first goal weight. I want to look thinner for when  I see my brother on friday! So my goal is to just not eat! Gum excluded. I've stalked up on diet coke and gum.
Today I babysat, I love babysitting!
I looked after my sick boyfriend.
Now I'm in bed trying to get some sleep.
My picture today, because I have red hair but not that long, its my thinspration.
Does any one know how to make my hair grow faster?
how is everyone?


  1. They make this brand of hair skin nail pills called purvana. My hair normally grows about 3 inches a year, and now grows an inch per month. When i remember to take them that

    And im alright. I want to know my weight but im so scared to get on my scale.

  2. Thanks! I'm defiantly going to have to get some of that like have too!!

    You can do it! deep breaths :P

  3. If you take a biotin supplement, it'll make you hair healthier, which will make it grow faster. And trimming it a bit every month or so, just to get the dead ends off also makes it grow faster.

  4. that girl is gorgeous. do you know who she is?