Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thrashing Thursday

Rawr Rant
I was just watching the new and it was talking about how 50 people will lose their jobs at mental facilities because of budget cut from the city. Why would you cut something like that. It is proven that the people they serve will end up out in the cold. People who need help, who need therapy won't be able to get it. I live in a place where health care is free but it seems so limited. What if I finally decide to get help and there is no one there. Our city can afford new football fields and entertainment centers but we can't help people who really need it? It seems like their putting people who are sick with mental illnesses below people with other sicknesses and it makes me want to vomit.

Today in Life
Gave my Hamlet Presentation - went good!
Spent my whole lunch picking one low fat pudding.
Cleaned the fish tank in science

Tomorrows Shoes
Zombie marathon!
Being ok with not having a maternal figure being ok when I don't get what I'm looking for from the person I want to be my maternal figure.

-perhaps my new format for my blog <3


  1. That's stupid about the mental facility jobs. :/ What is wrong with this world?
    I hope you're okay xx

  2. that is so stupid. entertainment vs. mental facilities... hmm... idiots.
    i hope youre alright.