Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snowy Saturday

Today I ate so much I wish I could puke it up, but my body doesn't do that.
I had grill cheese, cheese cake, cafe mocha, and some popcorn. oh aand some crisps.
Didn't get to go to the comedy show because it was cancelled but me and my friends went to a movie instead, we saw No Strings Attached and it was funny :P
I bought a new jacket and dress for dress down day at school.
Next saturday I'm going up to Toronto to help my sister move :)
This weekend EXAM STUDY! Monday I write my final english essay on "how do the protaganists of The kite runner, Man for all seasons and Hamlet take control of their destiny"
wish me luck
*time to work out*
night beautifuls <3


  1. ahhh no worries i had a HORRIBLE last two days of non stop bingeing, its not the end of the world tomorrows a new day :)
    good luck studying for your exams i better get started as well

  2. You're final English essay sounds well i don't know but i wish u the best of luck... Where in Ontario do u live if u don't mind me asking, i'm not far off from Toronto myself so it just struck me when u said that hehe. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you hun

  3. good luck with your finals!
    and good luck with eating and everything! <3

  4. It's okay to slip up every once and a while, we are human after all aren't we?:)