Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Thursday Thick Thighs

fuck my thoughts.
fuck my fat cellulite thighs and ass.
fuck my body.
fuck that I want to die
time to work out till I shake again
-cruches for two longish songs
-squats till it burns and a little more
- dog hydrant thingers for my fat ass
-I already did some running today.
UPDATE: I did more than this! YAY
Tomorrows diet:
breakfast - nothing.
lunch- diet Pepsi possibly 50 cal soup (yay microwave at school)
dinner- avoidance but I'm going to be with the boyfriend so =/ I'll go back to my hiding food days, [I could make a whole baked potato with sourcream disapear seeming like I actually ate it, hah]

Tomorrows exercise:
-same routine as today but after the boyfriend goes to sleep

I'm going to Yuk Yuks comedy club again on saturday, could I please lose some weight  :P


  1. lol how the hell do you make it dissapear lol give it to the dog or throw it up??

    good luck hun
    i hope you do well do sone squats for me i hate it

  2. Take care and have fun on Saturday.