Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anyone there?

I don't know if anyone reads my blog anymore but I'm hoping so!
the past few days of school have been really sad because we've lost a great student and the whole school is in mourning.
I'm starting a new fruits and veggie diet only!
I shall keep you posted on that
this month is crazy , exams and final tasks. dive in.

Does this rule me.
Take me.
Put my heart aside.
Shake me.
Lift me.
Hear me.
Help me.
I'm screaming through the white walls.
The white walls with ED slashed on it red paint.


  1. im here, and im always reading.
    good luck with your diet plan!


  2. we're here:) sorry if I don't comment that often!

  3. I'm here, and reading your blog.. Sorry to hear about the student. /:
    Good luck with your diet.

  4. I look for you in my feed daily! So, I'm definietly still here.
    I'm so sorry about the student, when that happened to me the whole school acted to raise funds to help pay for his funeral. It was sad but it brought us all together.
    Good luck with your diet, I've strayed from mine a bit but i know with the right motivation we can stick to it :)

    best wishes :)