Monday, November 22, 2010

too fat for food

Today was a really slow day, I went to school and gave my monologue presentation, it went ok. Science is my favorite class and today we watched volcano presentations, I give mine tomorrow.
I didn't eat anything till lunch then I had mexi fries (no meat) not good but I ate them, then I went to have KD for dinner and I couldn't two bites and I felt sick to my stomach and I ran upstairs with the bowl of KD and dumped it out my window, I tried and I couldn't eat it. I'm to fat for food anyway. Another thing I broke down and wrote all the things I hate about myself all over my wall, my mom saw it and she was like well its not like your ever going to paint over this I can't believe you ruined the walls.. I'm like IM SCREAMING IN PAIN AND YOU CARE ABOUT THE WALLS!!! and then she said "I don't really want you here this weekend..."
I need to pick a song to dance to for a christmas assembly, ideas??

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  1. Aaw I'm sorry you feel bad, you're NOT too fat for food!! And what your mum said about not wanting you there for the weekend was a horrible, though I guess any parent would probably freak out over the wall thing O.o I hope you feel a bit better soon, take care xx