Saturday, November 13, 2010

Song picked! weight blahhh

So I'm at 119 lbs. 4 pounds to my "normal" 115 and 9 pounds to my goal weight.
I picked a song to do my audition to and I'm going to post a link below of the song and the type of dance i'm going to do
I don't know if anyone recognizes the song but it was in an eating disorder clinic documetary that I love.
I hope it goes well. I want to be as thin as the girl thats dancing to this song X_x
I'm so afraid that all anyone watching me audition is going to be thinking "God shes so fat"


  1. Beautiful song and beautiful style of dance, I love the way that it sort of tips its hat to classical ballet.

    I totally recognize the song, but can't put a finger on what documentary it's used in.

    Don't let yourself forget that she's only eleven, she hasn't hit puberty yet.

    With a bmi of 18.6 and the body of dancer no one will think you're fat.

    Best of luck in your audition.

  2. Luv the song and your a dancer how nice I hope you do well in your auditions =) Also im new to blogger and was looking for supporters if your interested in following my journey =)

    P.S. Good Luck =)

  3. Yann Tiersen's Comptine d'Un Autre Été is amazing :)