Thursday, November 18, 2010

family disfunctional

So my dad is freaking out that my brother and sister are alienating thing. I'm getting the rath because I'm being used as the messanger. I am the only link between them. and this doesn't even have anything to do with my alchy mom. So basically my brother ditched the family my sister moved away and we are far apart in age and I'm left. My Dad is like "oh you don't know what its like to be left alone" well I do, I didn't hear from my brother in years after he left, nothing and I only got to see my sister at christmas until she started adventuring and then I only got to see her when she had "time."
I just don't what to do.
I'm eating like a fucking cow
I'm cutting more
and I'm fiding more and more proof that im invisable to everyone
Distracted people never notice the invisible ones.
I could just walk straight off this earth....

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