Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My knight in shinning armour

At about 2:30pm my boyfriend came over to drag me out of bed, the one I had been curled up in all day not wanting to get out of. He took me to the mall, I do love clothing but I don't look good in it. I got a new winter jacket and some things with cameos on them (my secret love). He also took me to see the movie Easy A, I really liked it. He got me pizza, chocolate and popcorn, I stayed under 550 cals tho so tomorrow my limit is 450 because I over ate 50cals. I love him with all my heart with out him I'd never get out of bed. I started reading the Kite Runner for english and its not that bad. I have to do my earth science homework and sociology homework. I'll be up for a while but I'm a night hawk anyway :). Tomorrow I also start my first day of work, I will be working for a packing company working from 4pm till 11pm. Wish me luck! I need to save up for university in the fall! The picture represents someone who can get you to go outside, now only if I could go out looklike the girl in the picture.


  1. Aw >.< So cute!!!

  2. your boyfriend is such a sweety :)

    had to stay up till 10:30 tonight to finish my h/w and about to go to bed now

    congrats on staying within (well, close to) your cal limit surrounded by so much carb filled food btw

  3. Ya he is :)
    Goodnight hun!
    haha thanks