Saturday, October 16, 2010

Its me isn't it?

So I decided to stay at my boyfriends house another night but I can use the computer :)
I'm upset, we were trying to find out how to open the battery compartment on his pocket watch that has a pocket knife at the end of it (not very sharp) I try opening the back of the watch with that then just start playing with it, looking at the design on it and he starts freaking out telling me not to play with it and I'm like why not? and he was "you know why" so I asked him to say why and he's like it looks like you can cut yourself or want to so this hurt me, he know I have a history of cutting but to automatically asume I'm going to cut and to freak out like that when I haven't cut in a while really pulled my heart. Does he think I'm just so broken? I feel he always going to think I'm like this....god I hate it and I hate me..I'm to blame. I cant add a photo tonight.

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