Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I caved to two slices of pizza some candy and pop. Tomorrow i will be better.
My presentation went well and I make another presentation tomorrow.
I selpt as soon as I got home today because I did not sleep at all last night. I watched a good documentary last night though on youtube about this girl viki would has anorexia.
Nothing else much to say. I going to bed now. My mom is quite pissed at me for sleeping this afternoon after school but thats like her, always hating on me. More about that later.
This picture totally represents how I felt this morning after no sleep.


  1. Hope you get some better sleep tonight, hun! I can definitely sympathize with insomnia. :/
    Don't stress too much about the pizza and candy. You're right--tomorrow will be better! Good luck with your presentation. <3

  2. i totally know what you mean about your mom hating on you for the most random stuff. bleh moms are annoying.. hope u hav better luck today hun!