Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday 15. 2011 (real unique)

The peer tutoring trip today was fun except for the fact I had a major head ache all day. I got home and scanned some notes for a friend and then took a nap. My mother cooked me dinner; potatoes, burrioto and peas, all of it went into a plastic bag which I threw out. I feel like I'm not losing any weight and it sucks. Tomorrow I have my dance test for hip hop *gulp* and I need to catch up in all my classes because I've missed two days due to peer tutoring trips. I found my prom dress today and I love it. Its green :) I'll show you! Other than that I'm not really doing anything right now but tomorrow I need to get with my partner for my philosophy project and work on it! I still haven't thought of anything to do to re invent myself. thoughts? ...