Thursday, February 24, 2011


I am so stressed out!
I have a biology test tomorrow and I am so not ready! I don't want to fail I want to do well so I'm studying my ass off! (haha I wish my real ass would go away). I have so much on my plate because its my last year in highschool.
I hate hate hate x1000 my ugly fat body so much it hurts. I don't want to consume anything! I have graduation photos on Monday! I need a hair cut and new make up and teeth whitening kit to try and mask my ugly fat face :(
I just want to crawl in a hole and pretend like I don't have to worry about my future.
If I was beautiful and skinny life would be easier.
Uggggggg, and there is a winter storm warning for my area but it never snows enough to close school when you need it to be closed!!!
I still haven't cut but at this point its soooo tempting. my mother is being a bitch like usually, yelling at me and blaming me for everything and ofcourse drinking her problems away and taking it out on me while I try and study.
boy oh boy....
maybe if I just stay concentrated (ha!) I won't have to eat.
hope everyone is better off than me! love you beautifuls. <3


  1. oh dear, that sounds like a handful, i'm sure you'll do great on your test though! just breath, and stay calm! don't push yourself too hard! your best is all that matters. stay strong dear, your not alone!


  2. Stay strong hun, thinking abut you and sending you some much needed good luck.

  3. *hugs( good luck on your test, and i hope your mother lets up soon. <3