Sunday, February 13, 2011

the mirror reflects noone.

Do you ever see someone and think "I wish that was me" or how confident they are and you just doubt yourself?
I'm feeling the need to re invent myself. I need things that I can change. I'm getting back into photography and art so check out my deviant art account :
It seems like I'm bothered by someone who has decided to do the same things as me, I said I was going to start writing again, they decided the same things. maybe its just this circle of needing something all on my own.
So re invent myself I will
first goal : drop 20 pounds go from 124- 104.
I can work on other goals as they come along.
Becoming vegan is slowly coming into play now to as I've cut out half of my dairy.
For tonight I am going to watch the grammys :) (loving katy perry)
Tomorrow is Valentines day, even though my relationship has been rocky lately I'm cooking a romantic dinner tomorrow. 

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