Wednesday, February 9, 2011

living, breathing, existing

Today was tiresom just school school school.
My classes are fun but I constantly get feeling for not being good enough or smart enough.
It really bothers me that some people can get great marks and not do anything and not study while others have to work their asses off (me).
For tonight I am going to nap, practice a hip hop dance I'm being tested on and do philosophy and bio homework and work on my online course.
Not cutting has been going good for the last two days but its only been two days. Its been bothersome having cuts on my arms (from the last time I cut) and trying to hide them in dance class.
nothing really else to say.

Cutting Free: Two Days


  1. Two days is a good start, and as the days go by, hopefully the urge to cut till diminish *hugs*

    Love SN.

  2. Good job about not cutting for 2 days!!
    Thats a funky pic! I like thee nemo