Sunday, February 27, 2011

fudge my life-

I think I passed my biology test thank goodness.
Was at my dads place all weekend so I couldn't blog - sorry.
My mom is still bitching and won't let my go on this school trip to Ottawa, shes bitching about everything and when I don't do something she is so mean about everything and then shes all "your tired" and I'm like no I'm tired. Shes like don't blame me if your pictures are awful. Shes so sure she knows everything about everything. Then she blows up in anger. - I'm not sure how much longer I can take it here. and she is your classic neat freak everything must be clean (which usually means empty and white).
I'm depressed and so fucking tired of being so fucking fat I need to make rules for  myself and get thin thin thin.
I hate myself and I'm no good to anyone.
Grad photos tomorrow and I'm sure to be ugly as usually and dress down day so I'm sure to look so fat in whatever I wear.


  1. oh dear, that sounds awful! i'm sure your pictures will turn out great! just keep your head up high, don't let your mother or anyone else bring you down! prove to her and yourself that you are beautiful and strong! i know you can do it! just don't give up! your never alone!

    much love,
    XOXO. A

  2. Maybe you can spend more time at your dads? Please take care hun