Thursday, March 3, 2011

Under the Covers

I bring you this blog update from insides a blanket.
I know I told myself I'd go to school today but I just couldn't bring myself to go =/. I feel depressed and I can't tell anyone so its "I'm not feeling well".
I have to go to school tomorrow because its my first day in my peer tutoring class and I have a philosophy test.
Blah I just feel so down =/
I can't bring myself to do anything.
Hugs for everyone who might be in the same boat.
My ed is also driving me nuts per usual its haunting me to exercise even though depression has drained me (I slept 14 hours too!) I can't eat over 500 cals or I'll just die.


  1. Oh sweetheart I know exactly how you feel :( But maybe just try and push yourself to get some fresh air. You never know, it might help a little bit. Take care of yourself x

  2. we all have these days dear, just stay strong! your never alone!!

    XOXO. A