Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday alone

So school was good nothing much went on. My friends and I went to MacDonald together and I RESISTED TEMPTATION (from milkshakes and grill cheese -the only things I can eat there). I was great because I ate my grapes and broccoli with a diet coke while my friends chowed down. :)  I'd like to say restricting and exercising have been going well the past few days but I still feel like a fat ass. I added another page to my blog called burnin up to log my exercise so you an me can see if i've burnt off more than I ate ect.
Again if there are any other pages you want to see let me know I'm open to ideas!!
As far as my friday night I've done nothing productive :P I painted my face like David Bowie and took pictures xD
Stay lovely <3

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