Friday, March 25, 2011

Click Clack

I started my first day of tap today and absolutely loved it. It was so much fun to learn something I've never done before. It was also dress down day today = I feel so ugly in everything I wear.
I'm screaming out for someone without making a sound
I've been having a rough time lately (as I'm sure you can tell) - my self esteem is in the pits and I'm fatter than I have been in a looonnng time. Tomorrow I'm going on the elliptical for 2 hours.
I need to organize myself a meal plan - 
I'm so depressed and I need a way out
This weekend is going to suck I'm stuck at my dads house.
I need some sleep - gotta get up in the morning.
Sometimes in dance I feel invisible and inferior but mostly that's just life - it bugs me more in dance- possibly because I want to be the beautiful thin dancer....
Have a good day tomorrow everyone - I love you all <3


  1. im glad you enjoyed tap. i love dance. (: i just wanted to let you know that you're beautiful no matter what the scale says, but i know it helps when the scale gods appreciate your work. haha. stay lovely. <3

  2. You okay hun? You haven't been on in a while, stay safe. xx