Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sometimes I wish there was a magical button to make the fat go away but sadly there is not.
I created a new page on my blog (after half an hour of trying to figure out how!) Its called fingertips -no I'm not going to have a running theme with body parts I've seen that been done a few times so ya :P
Hopefully my pages will grow.
For now fingertips is were I am going to post what I eat everyday and how much I weigh. I need to keep track and I think if I have the thought that I'm going to post it then I'll eat less perhaps. But I promise if I eat like a cow I will post truthfully.
Why fingertips you ask? well I imagine most people use their hands to eat. :P not much creativity I know.
If you have any suggestions for other pages you want me to have let me know =D

As for my day? - I stayed home from school and slept and did homework :P

America's Next Top Model is on tonight :)

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